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5 AC Repairs You May Need


Now that summer is in full swing, your air conditioner is going to be working a lot more often and a lot harder than it has been during the past several months. This is going to put wear and tear on your AC unit pretty quick, which can lead to the discovery of certain repair needs you should get taken care of sooner than later.

If your air conditioner needs to be repaired, our team of professionals will be able to provide the services you need to fix whatever is wrong. If you aren’t sure whether or not you need repairs, consider these potential problems that air conditioners may run into during the summer season and see if they sound familiar.

5 Possible AC Repairs You Might Need To Have Fixed

What repairs might your air conditioning system need? We have five possible answers for you:

  1. A clogged air filter: An air conditioner that has been used regularly for an entire summer but may not have been cleaned or replaced before this year’s cooling season kicked off may be clogged full of dirt, dust, and other debris, causing problems for the system’s airflow.
  2. A dirty evaporator coil: If your air filter is overly dirty there is a chance that the evaporator coil is too. If your evaporator coil has a coating of dirt, it will hinder the ability of your system’s refrigerant from absorbing heat.
  3. Leaking refrigerant: The refrigerant in your AC is going to be the key component to keeping your home cool. If your system has a refrigerant leak, however, it won’t be able to absorb much of anything.
  4. Ductwork that is leaking air: Let’s say everything in the main part of your AC is working but your ducts aren’t. This is going to be just as problematic to your comfort. Leaking ductwork hinders your comfort and lowers system energy efficiency.
  5. Blower fan problems: Last and certainly not least, your blower fan might be having trouble which is problematic for your comfort. Blower fans are responsible for pushing the cool air your AC creates into your home, and without a working one you aren’t going to be cool at all.

These are just some of the common air conditioner repairs you might encounter once you start using your system this summer. You might notice that something is up due to strange noises, a lack of cold air, or high energy bills. Whatever the symptoms, the response should be the same: getting the issue resolved.

Need help with AC repair services in Dublin, GA? If so, you’ll want the experienced and trained hands of a professional to be the ones fixing the issue, rather than those of an amateur. Trust us when we say that amateur attempts or DIY fixes are never going to turn out the way you want.

Instead, contact Premier Heating & Air for your air conditioner repairs and any other services you may need for your home comfort.

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