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5 Noises Your Air Conditioner Shouldn’t Make


High heat and humidity seem to be the name of the weather game pretty constantly nowadays. It won’t last forever (thank goodness), but while the forecast keeps showing those high temperatures, it is good to be able to know your AC unit can at least keep you comfortable until the climate shifts. But, wait … what is that noise you’re hearing coming from your air conditioner?

We all know that air conditioning systems aren’t built to run silently. But this doesn’t mean that every noise they make is normal. If your AC system has been creating noises you’ve never heard it make before, it means that it is time to check in with our technicians to see if you need AC repairs in Dublin.

5 Noises You Don’t Want Your Air Conditioner To Make

You may hear some odd sounds coming from your air conditioner as the summer wears onward. These noises are potential indicators you need to schedule repairs:

  1. Rattling: If you hear the sound of something rattling in your AC system, you should reach out for assistance sooner than later. If you catch it early, this noise may indicate smaller problems like a loosening fan blade or a bolt/screw that’s vibrating around in its housing. If it is caught later, loud rattling may be a sign that the bolt has come free and is now bouncing around the system, creating the risk of additional damage.
  2. Screeching: Screeching, also sometimes described as squealing or screaming, is never a pleasant sound to hear. This noise is grating on your senses and your air conditioner. Usually, this sound may be a sign that you have loose fan blades scraping the inside of their housing. The other cause may be a fan belt that needs lubrication or replacement. Whatever the case, this is not a noise to ignore.
  3. Clicking: Clicking may be something you’re used to hearing from your air conditioner in small spurts at the beginning or end of the cooling cycle. However, clicking that lasts more than a minute or even extends throughout the cooling cycle is a sign of a problem, likely with the electrical components of the AC unit.
  4. Hissing: Don’t mistake the sound of hissing or whistling with the whoosh of air you want to hear from your AC system. Hissing could be an indicator of air forcing its way through a clogged air filter or it could be a sign you have a refrigerant leak.
  5. Silence: As we said before, air conditioners, no matter how modern they are, aren’t going to be completely silent when they run. They will always make some level of noise even if it is just the whoosh of air. If your AC is dead silent when you go to turn it on, it means it isn’t operating!

If your air conditioner has been sounding off, don’t ignore it. Instead, reach out to us for professional repairs.

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