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AC Noises You Shouldn’t Ignore

The air conditioner is the hub of your home. When it’s working as it should, no one notices it. But air conditioners, like most home appliances, require regular upkeep and maintenance.

They undergo considerable wear and tear in the summer, which can cause a slew of mechanical issues, and in turn, create some annoying sounds. If you hear the following four AC noises, it may be time to call for air conditioning services.

1. Squealing

A squealing sound indicates a buildup of high internal pressure in your AC unit. In some cases, it is actually normal for AC units to rack up huge internal pressures.

Most units come with built-in sensors that detect when the pressure starts to mount beyond a certain threshold. It isn’t uncommon for this sensor to fail and cause the pressure to go sky high. This can present a huge safety issue. It is important to turn your air conditioner off to ensure that nobody gets hurt.

At high internal pressure, the AC will often start making squealing sounds.

It is worth pointing out that the squealing sound may also be an indication of a bearing problem with the motor or belts. The good news is that belts are fairly easy to fix. Just make sure to repair them before they completely break, because if you don’t, your air conditioner will cease to function.

2. Banging

Several things could be causing your air conditioner to make a loud, banging noise, and all of them require the help of air conditioning services.

In most cases, a banging noise is an indication of something loose inside the system. This could range from a connecting rod to a crankshaft. Banging is also an indication of an indoor blower that has moved from its original position. It’s an early sign that your compressor is about to go bust and requires considerable repairs and/or replacement.

If you continue to hear banging noises from your unit, it’s best to shut it off right away to avoid additional damage and then call in help.

3. Rattling

Much like banging, a rattling sound also indicates that something has come loose. It is important to catch this early because it’s only going to get worse from this point onwards. Make sure to call for air conditioning services as soon as you start to hear a rattling noise.

Sometimes your unit can rattle if the mounts on the motor come loose or if there is a problem with the bearings. A technician should thoroughly reexamine the motor assembly as part of the troubleshooting process.

4. Clicking

Although it is normal to hear a few clicks every time your air conditioner starts up or turns off, you’ll have to investigate if the sound continues frequently.

In normal cases, a clicking sound occurs when the thermostat communicates with the unit. However, constant and frequent clicking is a sign of an obstruction that has blocked the path of the blower fan. The clicking noise will progressively worsen if a blockage is to blame.

A clicking sound is also an indication of an electrical problem. If the clicking comes from outside the house, you’re probably dealing with a bad compressor.

Is your air conditioner making weird noises that it shouldn’t? Get in touch with the experts at Premier Heating & Air for a thorough audit and inspection. Experience the Premier Difference.

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