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Do You Need to Retire Your Air Conditioner?


Having your air conditioner break down likely isn’t your worst fear, but it is probably up there on the list, especially during the summer season. When temperatures are high and the humidity at its worst, you want to have an AC that is working well. That is why, if your AC is ready to retire, you’ll want to get this task taken care of ASAP.

Coming to a professional team like ours for your AC replacement and other air conditioning services in Warner Robins, GA guarantees that the job will be done in a timely manner and done right the first time around. But first, you’ll need to have an idea of whether you really do need a replacement. Let us give you the information you need to determine if you might need to replace your current AC so you know if the time has come to call in one of our AC experts.

You’ll Need to Replace Your AC If…

Here are some key indicators that the time has come to replace your AC unit.

It is 10 to 15 years old

Your air conditioner has a limit to its lifespan. At a minimum, a well-maintained AC should make it to about 10 years before needing to be replaced. The maximum an AC can reach is approximately 15 years before needing a replacement. Even if your AC is still running after the 15-year mark it is best to plan for a replacement in the near future as newer systems will offer better performance and energy efficiency.

It needs frequent and expensive repairs

Every air conditioner will need repairs at some point or another during the course of its lifespan. But repair needs should not be a frequent and egregiously expensive ordeal. Regular maintenance should keep AC repairs to a minimum, averaging at about one every few years. When repair needs become more frequent than this, such as yearly events, it’s an indicator that your AC is on its last leg. Likewise, make sure to pay attention to the overall cost of your repairs. A good rule of thumb to remember is that if the cost of a repair is equal to or more than half of the cost of a new system, your money is better spent on a new system.

The system simply can’t cool anymore

Let’s be blunt: if you’ve done all you can to care for your AC, including maintenance and repairs, but it still isn’t operating correctly, it’s time to say goodbye. An air conditioner that doesn’t produce cool air is a waste of your money in multiple ways. The sooner you replace a malfunctioning system like this, the better off your wallet, your comfort, and your energy bills will be.

Overall the best way to figure out if you need to replace your air conditioner is to discuss it with a professional. The experts on our team are happy to assess the condition of your system and provide you with the best course of action possible. If repairs are worth your time and money, we will let you know the same way that we will let you know if and when a replacement is your best option.

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