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How Poor Airflow Can Ruin Your Comfort

Imagine a warm summer evening with a nice breeze. On evenings with conditions like that, many of us may be tempted to go out for an after dinner walk and, if the breeze is strong enough, crack the windows to keep the house comfortable and give the AC system break.

However, if you have a balmy summer evening with completely dead air, it is a different story. Poor airflow can make any day a lot less comfortable. It comes as no surprise that poor airflow from your AC is going to be less than helpful for your home comfort as well.

You obviously cannot control the wind but you can control the quality of airflow in your home. Poor airflow from your air conditioner isn’t something that just happens. It is a problem that can be caused by more than one issue. Here are some of the reasons that your AC may have poor airflow. If you are encountering any of these issues make sure to reach out to our team for AC repairs in Warner Robbins.

3 Causes of Poor Airflow

Your air conditioner needs to be able to effectively pull hot air in and push cool air out to keep things comfortable. When something messes with this, it throws everything out of whack. Don’t ignore these possible causes of poor airflow:

  1. A dirty filter: Your filter is responsible for capturing airborne debris that might otherwise make it into the internal workings of the AC and wreak havoc. Over time, this means the filter is going to capture a lot of dust and dirt. If your filter becomes clogged with all of this debris it will eventually affect the flow of air into the system. Combat this by changing your air filter every one to three months.
  2. Fan trouble: The fans in your AC are responsible for pulling hot air into the system and then pushing the newly cooled air into the home. If one or more of the fans in your system is malfunctioning, it is going to hinder this process. Be on the alert for noises that might indicate a problem with your fans and schedule repairs to get them fixed as soon as you can
  3. Ductwork issues: Once your AC is able to create cold air, it is going to be pushed through the ductwork in your home to be delivered to the different rooms to cool things off. However, a leak or disconnect anywhere in your ductwork is going to negatively affect that flow of air. Your ductwork may be the cause of your airflow issues if you hear hissing noises, see dirty air coming from your vents, or feel hot air blowing out of one or more vents in the house.

Our technicians can help restore normal airflow for your AC unit. We can assess and identify the cause of your airflow troubles and provide the necessary repairs to get your AC back to normal. In fact, when you work with us, your system is likely to operate even better than before!

Contact the team at Premier Heating & Air for your AC repairs. Experience the Premier Difference.

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