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How to Tell It Is Time for An AC Upgrade

The summer can take its toll on an air conditioner, especially if it is an older system. Factor in maintenance—or lack of it—and you may realize that you have an air conditioner that is ready to retire after this summer ends.

We know that getting a replacement for your AC system can seem like a huge project, but our team is here to help. We can get this service taken care of in a timely manner and get it done right. But first, let’s figure out if you do in fact need to prepare for a replacement.

Here are the warning signs to watch for that will warn you that the time has come to upgrade your air conditioner.

Indicators That Your AC Is Ready to Be Replaced

Sometimes we discover that people are still trying to repair and salvage an air conditioner that they’d be better off replacing. Use the following indicators to figure out whether or not you should upgrade rather than schedule another AC repair.

  • Advanced age: If you don’t know the age of your air conditioner yet, it is time to find out. This number can be a serious indicator of if and when you need to consider a system replacement. If your AC has reached 10 years of age, then planning to upgrade soon is a good idea. A 15-year-old AC though is one that needs an upgrade in the near future.
  • Repair cost: How much have your AC repairs been costing you lately? If the price of repairs has gotten to be a little too high, it may mean that it is time to consider a different option. A good way to differentiate is by determining whether the cost of a repair is equal to half or more of the price of a new system. If it is, then you are better off getting a new system.
  • Repair frequency: Maybe it isn’t about the price of a single repair but how often you need them. Repairs should only pop up every few years. If your AC is in need of repairs on a yearly basis or even more often, then it is better to have your system assessed for a replacement.
  • Ineffective operation: Last, but certainly not least, make sure to talk to a technician if you notice that your AC isn’t working right anymore. If your system doesn’t work right even with the optimal amount of maintenance or prompt repairs you need to look into an upgrade.

Whether you need a system repair or a replacement system, then your best option is always to work with an expert technician. Our team is here to help you with whatever you need.

If and when you need a new air conditioner or a new HVAC system, our technicians can help you select the new system and get it installed correctly. No hassle. No amateur work.

Contact the experts at Premier Heating & Air to schedule your system replacement and HVAC installation in Dublin, GA. When you work with us you’ll Experience the Premier Difference.

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