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Let Us Handle Those Spooky AC Noises


We know that a lot of people can get a bit more “on edge” the closer we get to Halloween. Suddenly those odd noises that your home makes go from harmless to creepy. But we don’t want you to worry because, as long as your AC isn’t creaking out a full sentence, any noise it makes is more than likely a sign that it needs help from a professional technician instead of a priest.

While the idea of an air conditioning repair can be scary (especially with the price tag that is attached) you can rest easy when you work with us. We are the HVAC company in Warner Robbins that will fix your AC in a timely and affordable manner.

5 Freaky AC Noises We Can Fix

There are a variety of noises an air conditioner might make. However, there are several sounds you really shouldn’t hear from your system. Thankfully, we can help address these issues because the spookiest thing about them is that they mean you might lose some cool air.

  1. Rattling: If it sounds like something is shaking around in your AC system, then it means there likely is. A rattling noise in your AC unit indicates that something is vibrating and shaking loose. If you hear a rattling, you need to contact a technician before the issue worsens.
  2. Clanging: A clanging sound is usually what comes after a rattling noise has been left unaddressed for too long. Clanging is an indicator that your AC unit has parts that have come free and are clanging around in your system—usually scary because it can cause extra damage!
  3. Screeching: If you have noticed your AC system is emitting a noise that makes it sound like it is screaming at you, don’t panic! The chances are that screeching is being caused by a fan blade that is coming loose and has started to scrape around its housing. Metal on metal is a very nasty sound!
  4. Hissing: When air is forcing its way through a small space, it will create a hissing sound. No, your AC isn’t mad at you. Hissing is just a sign that you have a clogged air filter that needs to be replaced. It may also indicate a refrigerant leak so, whatever the cause, a hissing noise shouldn’t be ignored.
  5. Silence: You can enjoy a system that runs quietly, but one that runs without making any noise is one that simply isn’t operating. If you go to turn on your air conditioner and discover that there is no response at all, you need to reach out for repairs ASAP.

If you need help with a system that doesn’t sound quite right, the technicians at Premier Heating & Air can be your go-to for the services you need. We can provide the maintenance and repairs that will get your air conditioner back into working order. All you have to do is contact us when you hear those spooky sounds.

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