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Summertime Tips to Stay Cool


Georgia seems to have turned up the heat, which means a lot of us will be holing up at home and trying to keep cool a little more often. If you have an up-to-date air conditioning system, keeping cool shouldn’t be all that hard–paying the energy bills might be tough, however!

Sometimes those monthly energy bills will be a lot more expensive than you expected and it may be because your air conditioner is having to fight to keep things cool. With that said, we are happy to tell you that there are a few different ways to help your AC system out so you can stay comfortable without a high price tag.

5 Ways to Give Your Air Conditioner a Helping Hand

Here are some different ways that you can help your air conditioner this summer season:

  1. Keep the sun out of the house: What rooms in your home get the most sunlight during the day? During the summer, you will want to pull the curtains or close the blinds in these rooms during the hours that they usually get the most sun to keep things cool. This makes your AC system’s job much easier.
  2. Check on air leaks around doors and windows: While this isn’t as bad as a water leak, air leaks around your doors and windows certainly aren’t helpful to your comfort. Check around the home to try to find any areas that aren’t properly sealed and then address them with weatherstripping or caulking. By sealing these air leaks you are ensuring that the cool air is staying inside where it belongs.
  3. Keep air vents cleared of debris: Those vents may not be the most visually pleasing thing in your home, but we urge you to keep them clear of debris. Putting furniture or other decor around a vent blocks cool air from entering the room, making it hard to cool things off.
  4. Keep temperature settings reasonable: On hot days it doesn’t do much good to drive down the temperature on the thermostat as far as you can. Your AC system can only lower the temperature by 20° compared to the temperature outside–anything further is just going to drive up energy bills. Keeping your thermostat set between 72° and 75°F is advisable for your comfort and energy efficiency.
  5. Schedule maintenance and repairs in a timely manner: Yearly maintenance is going to be highly beneficial to your air conditioner as it will help it do its job more easily. Likewise, the sooner repairs are addressed, the better for your system’s operation and lifespan–and your comfort too, of course.

We Can Help

If your air conditioner is having trouble and you aren’t sure why, you can reach out to the professionals at Premier Heating and Air. We provide unparalleled service, competitive prices, and overall value that keep our customers returning.

Our air conditioning services in Dublin, GA are going to be a great resource for keeping your system operating the way it is meant to so you can stay comfortable when it counts.

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