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Warning Sounds Your AC Might Make


We know what you might be thinking. The cooling season just started so would you seriously need an air conditioner repair in Dublin this early? The truth is that you might.

But this isn’t a reflection on you. Older systems and systems that see a lot of heavy use are just more likely to need repairs, even earlier in the season. Maintenance can reduce the risk of this, of course, but repairs will still pop up.

The key is not to ignore these early repairs. Taking care of them now is going to make the rest of the season far easier and more comfortable for you.


If you hear rattling from your air conditioner while it is running, it is likely that you have a part that is coming loose. In many cases, this is a bolt, screw, or even a fan blade that has begun to get loose. Catching it early will prevent the problem from getting worse.


Don’t mistake hissing as the same thing as the whoosh of air through your air conditioner. Hissing is the sound of air or refrigerant escaping from your system in ways that it shouldn’t. It may mean you have a leak or hole in your ductwork that is allowing conditioned air to go to waste. Hissing may also indicate you have a leak in your refrigerant line which will rapidly become a bigger issue. Whatever the core cause, a technician can help fix it.


This is an unpleasant noise and it is one that our technicians can resolve quickly. Screeching can indicate you have a loose fan blade in your system. It could also be caused by a cracked or dry blower motor belt. Reach out to our experts to get this sound identified and fixed.

Short cycling

Short cycling can be identified as the frequent starting and stopping of your air conditioner. This isn’t a sign that your AC is simply cooling the house more quickly. The reality is that, if your AC short cycles, it probably won’t cool your house well at all. If your AC only runs in short spurts of a few minutes, this is short cycling and it is worth a call to an expert to get it addressed.


Yes, the lack of noise from a system may also indicate a problem. This is because no system is going to be absolutely silent while in use. The only kind of AC that doesn’t make noise is one that isn’t operating. If you turn on your AC and hear nothing from it, then you need to schedule repairs before you need to replace the entire unit.

If any of the above sounds are familiar to you then we’d advise that you reach out to a pro to get your system checked out. The sooner you can get your AC repaired, the sooner you can enjoy reliable and energy-efficient home comfort again.

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