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Why Short Cycling Is a Big Problem


If your car turned itself off after just a few minutes of operation, you’d be very likely to reach out to the nearest car garage for repairs. After all, this can easily lead to a full-blown car breakdown or a car that ends up completely totaled if the cause isn’t figured out and fixed.

You’ll want to take the same type of action when your air conditioner begins to short cycle. The act of your AC turning on and off in short spurts is an indicator of trouble, but it will also create additional issues. Read on to learn more about why short cycling from your HVAC system should always prompt an expert AC repair in Perry, GA.

What Short Cycling Means

Short cycling refers to a situation when your air conditioner turns on and only runs for a few brief minutes before shutting itself off. The average cooling cycle for your AC should be around 15 minutes long so anything less than 10 minutes of cooling may be the start of an ever-worsening short cycling issue.

Why Short Cycling Is a Problem

There is a somewhat pervasive misconception about short cycling that can get people into trouble. The idea is that when an AC unit stops its cooling cycle early it is because it is cooling the house faster than before. The reality, however, is that there is something creating a problem for the system. Short cycling can be a sign of a repair need or the precursor to one. This can include issues like:

  • A dirty air filter that hinders the airflow into the system and puts the motor at risk of overheating.
  • A refrigerant leak that is making it impossible for the system to cool the air properly.
  • Electrical connection issues shut the cooling process down early.
  • Ice building up on the evaporator coil and hindering the heat absorption into your refrigerant supply.

As we said, the problem of short cycling can both be a symptom of these issues or a cause of them. The core thing to remember is that short cycling is a good reason to reach out for prompt repairs from a trained individual.

Other Reasons to Schedule Repairs

Short cycling isn’t the only reason to schedule a repair for your air conditioner. Make sure to reach out to a professional team like ours for short cycling repair help along with any of the following issues:

  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Condenser trouble
  • Fan blade damage
  • Dry blower motor bearings or belts
  • A dirty evaporator or condenser coil
  • Clogged condensate drain

It is always best to get repairs done as quickly as you can. That’s why you can come to our team for your next service. We are prompt with our repairs—so much so that we promise to provide service today or you don’t pay! We even offer second opinions on all system repair estimates that you’ve already received.

Experience the Premier Difference: Contact Premier Heating & Air to schedule your next air conditioner repairs whenever something goes wrong.

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