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4 Signs Your Heat Pump Needs Repair

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If you rely on a heat pump to keep your Vidalia home in cool comfort during our humid summers, it’s imperative to recognize the signs of a heat pump that’s in distress. 

Luckily, just like with any complicated piece of machinery, your heat pump will definitely let you know when it’s struggling to do its job, some noticeable signals when it’s in distress. You might notice some unusual sounds, an increase in your utility bills, increased humidity in your home, or that it’s just not cooling your home as it used to. 

Here are 5 signs that your heat pump would benefit from heat pump repair.

1. Strange Noises

If you turn on your heat pump and it makes any of these noises, it’s a strong sign that it’s in trouble.

  • Whistling noise or loud shrieking when the heat pump is running
  • Loud humming, rattling, or hissing sounds
  • Grinding or the sound of metal-on-metal
  • Hissing or gurgling noises

Some of these noises could be caused by something as simple as a dirty air filter to something major like a refrigerant leak. If you hear any of these noises, call us for prompt repairs.

2. High Utility Bills

Have you noticed your utility bill has spiked compared to what it was during the last cooling season? Are you using your heat pump the same amount as last year? If the math isn’t adding up, it could mean that your heat pump is struggling with cooling your home. 

High utility bills are a strong sign that your heat pump is being forced to work harder to achieve the set temperature. Don’t keep overpaying for utilities. Schedule service so we can figure out the problem and get your utility bills back down to where they should be. 

3. Reduced Cooling

This can be an easy problem to overlook if the heat pump seems to be cooling your home down. But try holding your hand up to one of the vents. Is the air cold? Or is it cool to even just lukewarm? 

The air that comes from your vents should feel cold. If it’s not, and you’ve noticed your heat pump seems to be taking longer to cool your home down, it’s a problem that should be addressed sooner rather than later. There could be a refrigerant leak somewhere in the system.

4. Increased Humidity

Maybe your home feels cool but the humidity level seems to be higher. When it’s in cooling mode, a heat pump naturally reduces the amount of humidity in your house. If it seems like the humidity has increased in your home and there’s no other way to account for it, have us check your heat pump to make sure it’s running at peak performance.

Don’t leave your heat pump system in the hands of an amateur! Instead, turn to our EPA-certified experts the next time you need heat pump repairs. We promise to provide unparalleled service.

Contact Premier Heating & Air for heat pump repairs in Vidalia, GA and Experience the Premier Difference.

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