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5 Signs Your Heater Needs Help


The sun might be out today or tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean it is warm. It can be a bit of a shock to walk outside into a clear, sunny day and get hit with air that is a brisk 61º. But as long as you have a working heater, you have a safe warm haven to run back to.

The problems start when you go inside and your home is just as cold as it is outside. You find yourself wondering what in the world happened to your heater—and for good reason. If your heater is in good condition, it should keep your home cozy unless someone turns it off. But you checked and the thermostat says your system is running. So what’s the deal?

Chances are you need heating repairs in Dublin. Here are some signs to watch for that will tell you it is time to contact a pro.

5 Signs Something Is Wrong With Your Heater

A heater in need of repairs is a heater that is in trouble. The longer repairs go unaddressed, the worse things will be for the system and your home comfort. Be on the alert for these five warning signs so you can schedule repairs quickly when you notice them.

  1. New, concerning noises. Heaters don’t operate silently. We all know that. But there are plenty of noises that spell trouble when your system starts to make them. Sounds like hissing, rattling, banging, or screeching are all cause for concern.
  2. Weak airflow. In some cases, your heating system is working hard to produce warmth, but it just isn’t making it into your home because the airflow from the system is so weak. Poor airflow can damage your heater and your home comfort.
  3. High energy bills. When you run your heater, it shouldn’t impact your bills too much. If you are getting big spikes on your energy bills instead of the usual changes, it may be due to a problem in your system causing your heater to use more energy in an effort to get the job done.
  4. Short cycling. Have you noticed your heater kicks on only to shut off after a few brief minutes? If so, you should know this is a problem called short cycling. You should also know it is a sign that your heating system is having serious trouble getting things warmed up.
  5. Unresponsiveness. When you go to your thermostat and adjust the temperature, does your heater turn on quickly? If there is a delay in the response or it doesn’t respond at all, you have a problem on your hands.

When something goes wrong with your heater, make sure you reach out to a professional technician to get the issue fixed. When you work with our team, you’ll enjoy expert service today, or we waive the service call fee. We also provide second opinions on all repairs.

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