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7 Signs That Your Furnace Needs Repairs

How well is your furnace holding up so far? We’ve had some cold weather at this point and things are only going to get colder. This makes it important that your answer be a positive one. If your furnace isn’t working right, it means that you are in for a rough time unless you schedule a furnace repair in Warner Robins.

Prompt repairs are vital to keeping your furnace operating not only effectively but safely too. If you suspect that your furnace needs fixes, then there is no time like the present to have a professional technician check things out. Here are some indicators that it is time to reach out.

7 Warning Signs of Furnace Trouble

If your furnace is struggling, you don’t want to wait for the issue to worsen and cause a full breakdown before addressing it. Make sure to watch out for these warning signs so you know when to call in the pros for repairs.

  1. The heater is making new noises: You know what your furnace sounds like when it is in operation. However, your system has started to create new noises lately that are worrying you. The sudden appearance of sounds like rattling, hissing, booming, shrieking, or other noises are worth a call to a technician.
  2. The energy bill is going up: Your heater use hasn’t changed but your energy bill certainly has. Are you noticing large spikes in your monthly dues? This isn’t something you should just accept—it is a sign your furnace is having a hard time getting your home warm.
  3. There are cold spots around the house. It might be a room or a part of one hallway, but wherever it is that cold spot hits hard. The presence of cold spots indicates that your heater is unable to produce enough heat or is unable to distribute it correctly.
  4. Something smells wrong. When you run your heater do you smell something concerning? Smells like the scent of old socks, rotten eggs, and burning electrical parts are all signs of trouble. Shut your system off and reach out for repairs.
  5. Your system has irregular cycles. This can come in two forms. The first is short cycling when your system only runs for a few brief minutes before shutting off. The second is when your furnace runs and runs without stopping unless you turn it off yourself. Both issues are problematic.
  6. Airflow is getting weaker. When you run your furnace, do you get a steady flow of air or does it come in unreliable spurts? Issues with the airflow from your furnace are another sign that it needs repairs soon.
  7. It takes a long time to get warm. How long does it take for your heater to start producing heat? If your furnace is taking an egregious amount of time to start creating warmth, then it needs to be checked out by a professional.

You need a furnace that you can rely on and our repairs will ensure that you can.

Contact Premier Heating & Air for your furnace repair needs. Experience the Premier Difference!

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