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Is Your Heater Ready?

Temperatures around here are starting to drop. We are all a little excited to be able to pull out the sweaters and heavy blankets and we are looking forward to movie nights on the couch. With that said, you shouldn’t need an excessive number of blankets to get warm.

If you aren’t sure whether or not your heater is ready to stand up to, well, the weather, we can help. You can reach out to Premier Heating & Air to schedule an appointment with a Warner Robins HVAC contractor who can assess your heater’s state and address its needs. With the help of our pros, you can enjoy a warm winter season without any hassle.

Preparing Your Heater for Colder Weather

You don’t want to go into the colder months of the year simply hoping your heater is going to operate correctly. You should know that it will. By taking these steps, you can do a lot to ensure your heater’s operation and your home comfort.

  • Check your filter(s): The filter for your heater keeps dirt, dust, and other debris out of the internal parts of this system. This can help prevent a variety of issues. However, a dirty filter can leave your system dirty and hinder airflow. Make sure to check and change out or clean your filter every one to three months. If you schedule a maintenance appointment, a filter change will be included.
  • Clean vents or air handlers: Speaking of airflow, debris can affect the ability of warm air to enter your home too. That is why it is always a good idea to check that your vents or air handlers are clean and clear. This can include wiping off stray dust and checking to make sure there is no decor blocking the flow of air.
  • Schedule maintenance service: Yearly maintenance can be the thing that makes or breaks your heater’s operation. When performed by trained professionals like ours, a tune-up will help your heater do its job effectively and efficiently. It can even help to lengthen the system’s lifespan.
  • Make sure repairs are done in a timely manner: Last but not least, make sure never to delay repairs for your heating system. It can be tempting to see how long you can go without addressing that weird noise or strange smell, but this can be harmful to your heater and your health. If maintenance has been performed and your heater is still showing signs of a struggle, make sure to reach out for a repair service as soon as you can. We offer free 2nd opinions on all major repairs!

What Makes Premier Heating & Air Different

When you want to make sure your heater is in prime condition, you should come to the technicians at Premier Heating & Air. We provide our customers with unparalleled service, competitive prices, and the best overall value for their time. Our award-winning services and top-tier products are what we have become known for.

Experience the Premier Difference today and contact us to schedule your next appointment.

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