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Why a Filter Change is Important to Your Heater

Whether you have a furnace heater or a heat pump mini split, you know that there are a lot of vital components that make up the system. Blower motors, fans, belts, electrical connections, and more are required to get the job done and allow your heater to function properly.

Your HVAC filter should be included in this list!

That may come as a surprise to some people, but it is a true statement. Your system filter plays an important role in the function of your heater, even if it isn’t moving part. What’s more, keeping your filter in good condition can help to prevent a good number of future heating repairs in Warner Robins. Have we got your attention? Great! Let’s talk about that filter.

The Importance of Your HVAC Filter

Your HVAC system filter is going to help keep the flow of air entering your system clean and clear. The filter mesh captures dust and other debris, which prevents them from coating the heat exchanger, evaporator lines, and fan blades, or clogging up burners. Without the filter, your heater wouldn’t be able to function effectively or efficiently for very long.

Best Practices for Filter Changes

If you didn’t know already, you need to change out the HVAC air filter regularly. At the most, if you have somewhat poor indoor air quality and you use your heater heavily, you’d need to change the filter each month. At the least, you need to change the filter once every three months.

If you have a reusable filter, however, you should follow the filter’s instructions to clean it off with the same frequency guidelines we listed here.

The Consequence of a Dirty Air Filter

Maybe you aren’t sure whether those frequent filter changes are worth the time and money needed to make them. We can assure you that regular filter changes are well worth it! This is because it prevents a variety of trouble that would come with a dirty filter. The consequences of avoiding those filter changes can include:

  • Weak airflow into and out of your heater
  • Dirty air getting into your system and creating operational issues
  • Burners that clog quickly or evaporator coils that get dirty quickly
  • Increasing the need for added energy to heat the home
  • Weaker heating throughout the home

We Can Help With Your Filter Changes

Some people aren’t sure how to go about changing out their system air filter or, even if they know how to, they aren’t comfortable with it. We get that and we are here to help.

Whenever you schedule maintenance with our team, you will also get a filter change as part of the service. Outside of this though, you are welcome to reach out to us for help with this task. We can get your filter changed out or cleaned in no time. Our goal is to ensure your optimal comfort!

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