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Have You Upgraded To A Smart Thermostat Yet?

These days, it seems like there’s a lot of smart technology that’s designed to make our lives better and easier. Just about everyone has a smartphone. But not all homeowners have converted to a smart thermostat installation in Dublin, GA yet.

There are many benefits to smart and Wi-Fi thermostats. If your existing thermostat is outdated, let’s go over the benefits of upgrading it. Also, if you’re due to replace your HVAC system or replaced it recently, it’s recommended that you upgrade your thermostat at the same time. Let’s go over the many ways a smart thermostat can improve your home comfort.

How Can a Thermostat Be “Smart?”

If you think that all a thermostat does is tell your AC and heater what temperature to reach, it’s hard to know why a smart thermostat is even necessary in the first place. Just like rotary and early cell phones that didn’t do much more than make phone calls, an outdated thermostat had one purpose only. That’s just not the case with smart thermostats.

Like smartphones, smart thermostats are designed to be technologically advanced, powerful tools for maximizing your home comfort. Here are some of the things a smart thermostat can do. 

  • You can access the settings on your AC and heater via a cell phone, computer, or tablet. That means you can change the temperature on the thermostat from wherever you are. If you forgot to turn the AC up before you left for work, you can do it from the office. If you forgot to change it before going on vacation, you can even change it from a different country.
  • A smart thermostat learns your heating and cooling preferences and adjusts the settings based on what it learns. It can then develop a program to maximize your energy savings.
  • Smart thermostats can detect when more energy is being consumed than is actually necessary to help identify and alert you to energy wastage. Such revelations lead to changes in behavior helping to reduce utility bills and energy consumption, thereby decreasing your carbon footprint.
  • Wi-Fi thermostats can connect to other systems in the home such as security systems and lights to put greater control in your hands.

Don’t Choose a Smart Thermostat Willy-Nilly

You’re on board with a smart thermostat upgrade. You might’ve even closed this blog to search for one on the internet. However, there’s one caveat to smart thermostat installation: you need to choose one that’ll work with your existing HVAC system.

A new thermostat installation could potentially damage your existing HVAC system if it’s not paired correctly. Don’t risk voiding a warranty on your HVAC system either by switching out the thermostat.

An advanced smart thermostat may not be compatible with your current HVAC system. It could even cause damage to it. This is why putting in a new thermostat may void the warranty. Even if the new thermostat doesn’t result in damage, it may not function the way it should, and you won’t receive all its benefits.

If you are ready to give your home comfort, and your energy efficiency, a boost, consider opting for a Wi-Fi/smart thermostat installation provided by our professional technicians.

Contact Premier Heating & Air to schedule smart thermostat installation and Experience the Premier Difference.

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