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The Role of Attic Insulation in Keeping You Comfortable


Do you ever take a moment to think about the insulation that is built into your home? If the answer is no, that’s perfectly normal. Not many people do other than those of us whose job it is to keep track of it! With that said, we know that keeping our customers informed helps them be more in control of their home comfort. That is why we want to tell you a bit more about your attic insulation in Dublin, GA so you can learn how important this “out of sight, out of mind” part of your home is. What’s more, we can also provide the services that keep your insulation in a state that will help your comfort rather than hinder it

Insulation Makes a Difference

Ever visited a historical house anywhere in the world? Have you ever noticed that, once you are inside, the internal environment seems just as uncomfortable and it was outdoors? This is because, up until the 1930s to the 1950s, insulation wasn’t really used in homes.

There were some forms of “insulation” used in homes throughout history (think mud layers lining walls) but it is only in the past 100 years or so that insulation as we know it became a standard part of modern homes. And with that insulation (fiberglass and cellulose) came much better indoor comfort.

The insulation in your house is found in the walls and the attic or crawlspaces. This is because it is meant to help keep temperatures regulated inside your home. That means that, when you turn on your air conditioner, your insulation helps to keep that cool air in your home and prevent hot air from getting in.

Can My Insulation Wear Out?

Believe it or not, the insulation in your home can wear out and break down over time. Time and age can do that to just about anything and, while your insulation may seem safe tucked away in places you can’t see, it does take the brunt of things like humidity, wind, and other weather factors that will lead to it breaking down.

So how can you tell that the insulation in your attic is in need of some professional care? Be on the alert for problems like these:

  • Your insulation isn’t keeping out the heat the way that it used to and it is harder to keep things cool.
  • Your energy bills are on the rise even though your ducts and your AC system are in great condition.
  • You can detect moisture in your attic or notice that the ceiling is damp.
  • Some rooms are nice and cool while others are indicating gaps in your insulation.
  • You are noticing signs indicating the presence of pests that can tear at and deteriorate your insulation.

If your home’s attic insulation isn’t in good shape anymore, you will need to reach out to our team of professionals to help. We are locals and we know what it takes to keep your home comfortable.

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