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The Details You Should Know About Whole-House Air Purifiers

Modern homes are more efficient than ever because they are built to be airtight. This is great for temperature control but not so great for your indoor air quality (IAQ). You actually want some level of airflow throughout your home and that includes fresh air displacing older, stale air. But an airtight house ends up just recirculating the same air over and over again.

So why is this a problem? The main issue here is that, if certain contaminants get into your houses, such as dust or pet dander, or even bacteria, they just keep getting recirculated throughout the house. One of the best ways to address a higher volume of airborne contaminants negatively affecting your IAQ is through the use of a whole-house air purifier in Dublin.

If you want to learn more about these systems, you can read the details about them below. Otherwise, reach out to Premier Heating & Air to get your installation started!

The Different Types of Air Purifiers

Did you know there is more than one type of air purifier you can choose from? It’s true! Your options include electrical air purifiers and Ultraviolet (UV) light purifiers. Let us give you a quick overview of how each of these purifiers works:

  • Electrical: An electrical purifier “charges” the particles that float through the system. By doing this, the particles are able to be magnetically drawn to a metal plate where they’re held until the plate is wiped down.
  • UV germicidal light: A UV light purifier or UV germicidal light uses ultraviolet light to clean the air. The use of UV light will result in one of two outcomes. The first is that the airborne particles are broken down and destroyed. The other result is biological organisms like bacteria or viruses are genetically altered to make them unable to reproduce, rendering them harmless as dust.

Why a Whole-Home System Instead of a Portable Purifier?

You may have noticed that we’re discussing whole-house purifiers rather than portable systems that you’d plug into an outlet. There is a reason for this.

Whole-house purifiers are installed into your ductwork where they clean all the air that passes into your home, rather than the air in just one room. This makes them far more effective. It also saves you floor space!

How an Air Purifier Will Improve Your Home Environment

A whole-house air purifier is going to improve many aspects of your home environment. This includes:

  • Improving your overall home comfort
  • Improving your long-term health
  • Reducing the frequency of illness
  • Reducing the chances of mold growth
  • Improving your HVAC system efficiency

A whole-house air purification system is an investment that really pays you back over the years. If this system sounds like it will address some of the issues you’re currently battling within your home, then it’s a great idea to talk to a professional about installing an air purifier today.

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