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These Services Can Help Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Spending extended amounts of time in a place with poor air quality can lead to issues with allergy symptoms, respiratory troubles, and general discomfort. We understand why many people would avoid being in this kind of environment—but a problem arises when the dusty air is in your home.

No amount of dusting and vacuuming will combat poor indoor air quality. We are glad to say though that we have indoor air quality services in Dublin that can. Read on to learn more about how we can help you clean up the air in your home.

What Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Services We Can Provide for Your Home

If you are battling increased allergy symptoms or sickness or general discomfort despite your HVAC system working normally, it is worth it to talk to a professional about checking out your air quality. It may be poor indoor air quality is causing these problems. If so, you can come to us for services that help:

  • Duct services: Your ductwork is the pathway that transports temperature-controlled air throughout your house. We can provide air duct testing to see how your ductwork is performing and then provide air duct sealing to address leaks or air duct cleaning to get rid of built-up debris and ensure optimal airflow.
  • Air filtration or purification services: One of the best ways to clean your air is through air filtration or air purification. That is why we offer the full range of services for these systems. We can install whole-house air filters and whole-house air purifiers. After installation, you can rely on us for maintenance, repairs, and even the eventual replacement of these systems. That way you can happily trust them to prevent a majority of airborne debris from circulating through your home.
  • Dehumidifier services: Humidity can easily make a hot day even hotter. This is why we provide installation, maintenance, repairs, and more for whole-house dehumidifiers. With our help, you’ll be able to rely on a dehumidifier that removes the right amount of excess humidity from the air to keep your home’s environment in balance and ensure optimal comfort.

We Also Help With Insulation

Did you know that your insulation also plays a role in your IAQ? The insulation in your home is made to act as a thermal barrier, keeping the cool air in your home where it belongs. However, it also prevents warm, humid, dirty air from entering the house. This helps keep your air cleaner and more balanced from the start which helps to improve your home’s air quality.

Come to Premier Heating & Air for Great Service

Our team is proud to be able to serve the residents in and around the Dublin area. Our goal is to help each customer achieve the best level of comfort possible in their home. That’s why we offer indoor air quality services along with air conditioner and heating services. We cover all the bases.

Schedule your appointment today with Premier Heating & Air. Experience the Premier Difference by coming to a team that is known for unparalleled service and competitive pricing.

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