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Your Ductwork Can Make or Break Your Comfort

You can’t get water to the plumbing systems in your home without your pipes, and you can’t get comfortable air distributed throughout your home without your ductwork. Your ducts, like your piping, act as a necessary delivery system that ensures the cool air your AC creates gets to where it needs to go.

The only time this isn’t the case is when you have a ductless system—but that is a subject for a different blog!

If you have ductwork or any kind of ducted system, you will need to ensure that this system is in prime condition to keep your home comfortable. That’s why we want you to learn a bit more about our duct services in Dublin and how they can help your comfort.

The Role of Your Ductwork

As we touched on above, your ducts serve as the delivery system for the conditioned (and heated) air that your HVAC systems provide. If you have a central AC and a furnace, or a ducted heat pump, you need your ductwork in order to receive a steady flow of comfortable air throughout the house. No ducts mean no comfort.

How to Tell Something Is Wrong With Your Ducts

If something is amiss within your ductwork, it will affect your comfort in a negative way. Here are some warning signs to watch for that will alert you to when there is a problem in your ductwork that needs to be addressed:

  • Hissing or whistling noises: Possibly caused by air escaping through leaks in the ductwork.
  • Dirtier air: Leaks allow filtered air out of the ducts while dirty air is able to creep in.
  • Weakened airflow: Leaks or even dirt build-up in your ductwork will reduce the strength of the airflow into some or all parts of your home.
  • Higher energy bills: When conditioned air is escaping before it can enter your rooms, it means it will take longer to get the temperature in the house under control, which means your system runs for longer and uses more energy.

The Helpful Duct Services That We Offer

If you have a possible problem with your ductwork, you should reach out to the Premier Heating & Air team to get the services you need to address the issue. Here’s how we can help.

  • Testing: First things first, we want to be sure that the problem is with your ductwork! That’s why we offer duct testing to see if there is a sign of a problem in your ductwork and pinpoint where it is.
  • Sealing: If duct testing reveals the presence of leaks or holes within your ductwork, we also offer duct sealing to address those small issues and restore clean, strong airflow into your house.
  • Cleaning: Last but not least, we also provide duct cleaning. This service is something you really will only need once every few years. Duct cleaning addresses built-up debris in your ducts and will help improve indoor air quality and air flow strength.

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