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Maintenance in Dublin, GA

Your home comfort systems are built to operate well for years but this doesn’t mean they won’t need the occasional helping hand. Maintenance for your air conditioner and heater will help it to operate more efficiently and effectively than it would if you simply only attended to its repair needs. Our maintenance services will allow your system to be assessed and addressed the way it needs to be.

This once-a-year service helps your home comfort system to do its job much more easily, keeping your home environment that much more enjoyable. One way to get the most bang for your buck will be to sign up for our maintenance service program. Our maintenance service makes a difference in your comfort and your cash savings. Call us now to learn more.

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Our Energy Savings Agreement

The Energy Savings Agreement offered by Premier Heating & Air provides customers with a program that will help to keep your air conditioner operating effectively and efficiently throughout the summer. This program offers you a host of benefits along with the improved operation of your AC. These benefits include:

  • Extended equipment life—you can expect your heating and air conditioner systems to live up to and past their manufacturer’s estimate lifespan.
  • Lower utility bills. 
  • Reduced repairs—as much as 85% fewer repairs compared to no maintenance.
  • Improved capacity—get the most comfort out of your HVAC investment.
  • Safer equipment operation—especially important for gas-powered heating systems.
  • Protect the warranty from being voided.
  • Inflation protection—your membership costs remains the same even with future increases.
  • No overtime charge.
  • 20% discount on repairs. 
  • Priority customer status—jump to the front of the service queue.
  • Transferable agreement if you sell your home.

Ready to give your system a boost that will help if keep you cool more easily this summer, without costing you more? Consider opting into our maintenance program to enjoy effective and low-cost cooling benefits.

Experience the Premier Difference when you contact our team to sign up for our maintenance service program today.

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