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Heat Pump Services in Dublin, GA

The name of this system can be a little misleading if only because they don’t just heat your home, they cool it too! Heat pumps are energy efficient, effective, forced-air comfort systems that will keep your home’s temperature balanced all year long. A heat pump utilizes refrigerant to transfer heat, rather than create it. This allows it to effectively draw in warm air during the wintertime or remove it during the summer, all while keeping your energy bills lower than normal.

Wonderful systems like these require professional care from experts like those at Premier Heating & Air. Whatever service your heat pump needs, our EPA-certified technicians are ready to provide with your satisfaction guaranteed.

Contact our team today to Experience the Premier Difference with your heat pump services. Serving the middle Georgia area since 2001.

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Heat Pump Installation

You refuse to spend another year struggling with a space heater and a window unit AC. But you don’t have the space for a central air conditioner and a furnace. Your solution lies with the heat pump. This system can not only take the place of both of your other inefficient plug-in systems, but it also does so without using up added space.

When you reach out to our team for a professional installation of your new heat pump, your satisfaction is guaranteed. In fact, we promise that if there is anything that makes you unhappy with your heat pump installation within the first year, we will come back and re-do the job at no cost. Call us to learn more.

Heat Pump Replacement

It is never a good thing to realize that your heat pump isn’t working. Whether it is summer or winter, a broken-down heat pump is going to require a heat pump replacement sooner than later. But the question is, how do you tell when you need a replacement? Watch for these signs:

  • Your heat pump won’t create any temperature-controlled air. Your heat pump is meant to be able to produce both cool and warm air accordingly; if neither of these things is happening, it is likely your system is in need of a replacement.
  • The utility bill is spiking whenever you use your heat pump. Using your home comfort system will create a difference in your bills but it shouldn’t be an exponential one. If the utility bills are going through the roof, your heat pump may be on its way out.
  • The unit is 15 years old or more. Heat pumps are built to last, but not to last forever. A heat pump that is 15 years old or older should be replaced soon.

When you need a replacement for your faltering heat pump, you can turn to our team for assistance. We make it our goal to provide excellent service and great value to our customers in Dublin, GA every time.

Heat Pump Repair

Even if your heat pump has received its fair share of heat pump maintenance to keep things running smoothly, it will very likely need a heat pump repair service at some point. When it does, the key is to remember that you should only trust the professionals with this important service—otherwise you are likely to end up with more, increasingly expensive repairs or an early replacement.

Don’t leave your heat pump system in the hands of an amateur; instead turn to the EPA-certified experts at Premier Heating & Air the next time you need heat pump repairs. We promise to provide unparalleled service.

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