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Heating Maintenance in Dublin, GA

All too often we encounter people asking what the point of heating maintenance is if they could just wait until they need repairs. While maintenance won’t negate the need for repairs entirely, it can make those repair services fewer and further between. Maintenance is a service that can and will keep your heater running more effectively than it would if you left it untouched until a repair need popped up.

Residents in Dublin, GA may not see the coldest winters, but this is an even better reason to schedule maintenance for your system. Why shell out extra cash for an avoidable repair? If you are ready to give your heater a helping hand, you can rely on the expert maintenance services provided by our team.

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Furnace Maintenance

Your furnace is a pretty great heating system—and a unit this good at doing what it is supposed to do deserves to be well taken care of. This is especially true because, without the needed TLC your furnace can actually go from energy efficient and effective to a burden on your utility bills. Don’t let this happen because if it does you’ll be due for an early replacement too!

Instead, give your furnace the maintenance it needs to keep it running the way it is supposed to. Our furnace maintenance services will keep your furnace clean and operating as close to like new as it can possibly get. We guarantee your satisfaction with our unparalleled services.

Boiler Maintenance

Your boiler powers the hydronic radiant heating system within your house. It sounds a little complicated right? That’s because the operation of this system is no walk in the park! With that said it is easier to understand why you want to keep your boiler running as optimally as it can for as long as possible. Boiler maintenance provided by one of the techs at Premier Heating & Air will help you meet this goal.

Preventative maintenance helps your boiler reduce the toll of its usual wear and tear, allowing it to run better for a longer amount of time. What’s more, that’s a once-a-year predictable fee as compared with the fluctuating surprise cost of a repair. Don’t wait, schedule your boiler maintenance today.

Ductless Heating Maintenance

Ductless heating systems are pretty fantastic. They save you the time and money that would otherwise be invested in caring for ductwork and they are some of the most energy efficient heating system on the market. But let’s be clear, ductless heaters still need maintenance, just like any other comfort system. The question is, how do you determine when this system needs maintenance?

If your ductless heater is emitting odd noise, such as rattling, screeching or hissing, it means it needs to be looked at. Likewise, if your ductless system seems to be performing less optimally than normal, this is also a sign that maintenance should be scheduled. Finally, if it has been six months since you had a technician come by for maintenance, this means it’s time for a tune-up, since your ductless system is a year-round comfort system. Contact our team today to schedule your heating system maintenance.

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