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Duct Services in Dublin, GA

The ductwork in many homes throughout Dublin, GA is treated as an “out of sight, out of mind” part of the comfort equation. And this couldn’t be further from how your ducts should be treated because the reality is that they are vital to your daily comfort throughout the year.

If your ducts are full of dust, it means your home will be too. Leaking ductwork or ductwork in disrepair will negatively impact your comfort. The best thing for your home is to have properly sealed, clean ductwork. That is where we come in: our team provides effective duct services to ensure that the air in your home comes through clean and clear so you can enjoy the comfort level that you pay for.

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Air Duct Testing

How do you know that your air ducts are having problems providing you with reliable airflow? It isn’t like you can just look for the problem! Air duct testing is a viable solution to this problem. This service allows our technicians to assess your ductwork to determine if and when it needs additional help like duct sealing or duct repair.

Only a trained professional has the tools and experience necessary to get this job done. When you contact Premier Heating & Air you will be treated to an expert air duct testing service that provides accurate readings without damaging your ductwork. Trust the team with a track record for providing unparalleled service with competitive pricing to figure out where the issue is and get it addressed quickly and effectively.

Air Duct Sealing

Leaking air ducts present a problem. This is because these leaks provide an escape for the temperature-controlled air that you are paying for. When you need air duct sealing, you’ll be able to tell be watching for the following indicators:

  • Sounds: The sounds of hissing or rattling are often signs of a leak within your ductwork.
  • Airflow: Is your airflow weaker than normal? It could be because your ducts are letting more of the air escape rather than delivering it to its final destination.
  • Comfort: A leak in your ducts will hinder your comfort by making it harder for your systems to heat or cool your home effectively.
  • Cost: An air leakage will show up in the form of higher energy bills.

Need to seal your ductwork? Skip the battle over the duct tape because it won’t work. Instead contact our team in Dublin, GA for effective sealing services. We’ve been serving the middle Georgia area for more than 17 years and we make it our goal to provide good service, every time.

Air Duct Cleaning

Let’s say you scheduled air duct testing and got your air ducts sealed up nice and tight. While this is all well and good, there is one other concern that we need to bring up: your ducts might be dirty. No, your ducts don’t need to be polished, but they may need to be cleaned out. That is why we offer air duct cleaning and duct sanitization.

Sometimes more than just dust can get into your ductwork. We can clear out unwanted dust from your ducts using professional tools and, for any other unwanted contaminants, we provide duct sanitization done using a fogging machine. Looking for ways to improve the air in your home? Contact us to discover more.

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