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Humidifier and Dehumidifier Services in Dublin, GA

The idea of humidity is normally a negative one. And yes, while high humidity in summer can make for some unbearable conditions, in wintertime that higher level of moisture can be your friend. The key to remember when it comes to humidity is that you want to balance out your levels, rather than going for the extremes of “all or none.”

We can help you achieve this balance by installing and maintaining humidifiers and/or dehumidifiers in your Dublin, GA home. We are locals that know what the weather can be like around here to we are the experts when it comes to helping you achieve that optimal balance of humidity in your home to keep you comfortable all year long.

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Humidifier Installation

When living in the middle Georgia area, it can seem strange to think about the idea of adding humidity into the air in your home. After all most of us work so hard to get rid of it during summer! There is a benefit to having a little extra airborne moisture in your home during wintertime though. Benefits of using a humidifier include:

  • Reduction in respiratory irritation.
  • Addressing dry and cracking wood furniture.
  • Improving your warmth and comfort during wintertime.

If you are having trouble staying warm during winter, consider installing a whole-house humidifier with help from the professionals on our team.

Humidifier Repair

Have you noticed that your home seems chillier than normal these days? Or maybe you are warm but the air feels dry and your skin is trying to imitate the feeling of a desert. If your heater is running full blast but your humidifier isn’t, you may be in a situation similar to this. If so, you should schedule professional humidifier repair, before you need to look into a humidifier replacement.

Working with our teams gives you a satisfaction guarantee. We will not only make sure that your humidifier is repaired but we promise to show up the same day you contact us, or we will waive the service call fee. We also offer helpful and effective humidifier maintenance services that will keep our repair visits few and far between. Learn more by contacting us today.

Dehumidifier Installation

Summer days here can get hot; humid summer days are even worse. Your house has a working air conditioner, but it still feels uncomfortable in your home. This can be resolved with a whole house dehumidifier. A dehumidifier will help to remove a reasonable amount of moisture from your home.

Make sure that your dehumidifier is professionally installed. Having an amateur do this to try to save a buck is sure to end with an early system replacement and hindered comfort. Don’t risk it; contact our team instead. We’ve been serving the middle Georgia area since 2001.

Dehumidifier Repair

Your dehumidifier is going to run for a while but, even with regular dehumidifier maintenance, it will eventually require repair service. That’s just how wear and tear works. How are you supposed to tell that your dehumidifier is on the fritz though? Watch for these signs:

  • You are noticing condensation on your windows.
  • The air in your home is muggy.
  • There are signs of overflowing or leaks.

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